2020 activity report

You don`t become stronger by staying comfortable

Šarūnas Bačiliūnas

6/24/2021 1 min read

What doesn`t kill you makes you stronger!

At the start of 2020 we thought that this year is going to be special, but we had no idea how special it will be. Just like the saying goes - "be careful what you wish for". Our wish for this year to be special came true, but not in a way we expected.. We were planning on having many international projects and do a lot of travelling, networking and exploring, but it so happened that we had to to explore new kinds of avenues. We were tasked to adapt fast to new a world order that was mainly functioning in the digital space. We definitely did not think that we will teach seniors how to use video communication platforms and help them organize an online concert. Or that we would have to change the arrival day for our project participants from Poland from Monday to Sunday, because if they arrive on Monday then they would need to be isolated from society for 14 days. We were educating the the youth about media literacy and why it`s important to be an independent thinker. We encouraged people to go outside and stay active, even when the recommendation was to stay inside. We managed to organize 6 Kaunas "Skeptics in the Pub" events and many more activities. For more details of our year please check our 2020 activity report.

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