YE "LEAD" (Campina, Romania)

The experience of the Lithuanian team during the youth exchange project in Romainia about leadership.


7/3/2022 2 min read

On June 20th a team of seven Lithuanians gathered from different corners of Lithuania, met at Vilnius airport and together started their journey to Romania. The trip was quite long but not boring. The first flight was from Vilnius to Luton and the second – from Luton to Bucharest. We reached the city of Campina by two trains. The city is in the southern part of Romania, in the foothills of the Southern Carpathians and has the highest number of sunny days. Thanks to the opportunities provided by Erasmus+, “Beehive” and “Sceptic Youth” associations, we were able to stay in the sunny city of Campina, see the beauty of Romania and its daily life.

The project lasted 6 days, during which we were guided by the methodology of non-formal education – development of communication skills through dialogues, open discussions, sharing experience, communication, teamwork, creativity, responsibility and more. Following these approaches in the project, we deepened our understanding of leadership, what is a leader and how to become one. At the end of the project, we implemented our knowledge at a local school, where we presented the aims and objectives of Erasmus+, introduced our project, talked about leadership and our experience; we also made a booklet with the most important information about leadership and its importance in our project.

In addition to teamwork and personal development, during cultural evenings we learned more about Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, the culture of these countries and their people. We properly represented our country Lithuania – did a presentation, shared the most important facts and information, while others tasted our national sweets, black bread, bread chips and our homemade Tinginys. Leaving the project and thinking about it while sitting on the plane, we bring not only luggage filled with Romanian candy, but also luggage of knowledge, memories, new friends and experiences. We were left fascinated by the beauty of Romania’s nature, its towns Campina, Brasov and Bran, Dracula’s castle, and its terrifying stories. We hope to come here again and repeat this week of wonderful experiences!

“Being surrounded by new cultures, learned more about myself and the country I was in. I really enjoyed the cultural evenings, where we learned about each country participating in the project.” - Aistė

“I had lots of fun, I met new people, learned more about the cultures and improved my English.”- Simas

“I improved my knowledge of English; I liked the tasks in the workshops and teamwork.” - Ąžuolas

Here you can find the booklet about leadership that was developed during the Erasmus+ project.