Young Skeptics club is committed to teach children how to think not what to think.

Critical thinking is one of the main competencies needed in XXI century, established by European and world class organizations. We understand that it is more important to teach children to decide on their own and not just blindly follow the given statements without thinking about them critically. At the Young Skeptics club children are being encouraged to ask questions, gain knowledge and challenge the ideas they are given.

Young Skeptics club mission is to educate critical thinking and learning proved by evidence. We believe in tangible problem solving and scientific method. Our teaching program is based on science, critical thinking, evidence evaluation and navigation between misinformation excess, which is already surrounding our world.

For who? The curriculum is designed for kids from age 8 to 10 years old.

When and where? Lessons are happening once a month in your school's given class.

How many children? In one class there can be up to 30 students.

Who is teaching the children? 2-3 members of our organization, who have experience in working with children and have participated in various critical thinking courses.

How much does it cost? 499 Eur. for the full curriculum consisting of 10 lessons.

Lesson schedule can be changed by agreement.

For more details write us an email to with the subject line: Young skeptics club

The curriculum consists of 10 lessons:

1. Fact vs Opinion;

2. Evidence;

3. Reasoning & Communication;

4. What is a Skeptic?;

5. The Scientific Method;

6. Review of 1-5;

7. What is Evolution?;

8. Habitats;

9. Adaptations;

10. Logic Puzzles.